At C&H we’re all about adding value beyond simply selling homes, and one area where we work really closely with clients is in maximising a property’s potential. This applies whether you’re looking to optimise your home for sale, simply add value to your existing home or are investigating the possibilities of a potential purchase. Our agents can offer up great advice on what to do and what not to do, what’s cost effective and what’s not viable.

To really take this to the next level we’ve collaborated with Ballast Point, a respected local building and design firm. Founder Mat Wilk can consult with our clients on clever, cost-effective ways to capitalise on a home’s potential, from minor upgrades to more substantial renovations, adding a pool or a total rebuild.

C&H Director Matt Hayson says, “Over the years we’ve worked closely with Mat, who now gives our clients access to a trusted partner with smart ideas on how to maximise potential in the most intelligent, efficient way. While there’s absolutely no obligation to use Ballast Point, the firm is available if required. Our companies share a synergy in that we see the value in offering transparent advice freely and willingly, providing amazing support with no obligation and removing all friction points to get you moving quickly and with minimal fuss.”

Mat Wilk says, “What we’re focused on is getting involved in projects at the right moment. We like to get ahead of the curve and work with clients from the outset to foresee any limitations and solve them before they take any further steps. It’s the logical sequence. People often come to us with beautiful designs that just can’t be built for various reasons. Often they haven’t passed council, plans have had to be pared back and people have jumped through hoops to get some ambitious engineering done, only to find that they can’t afford to build because it’s now significantly over their budget. This could have been avoided by some good early advice and addressing problems before undertaking sketch design. Practical advice at the right time is immeasurably valuable.”

“We recently advised a local resident whose pool design looked great on plan but was functionally in the wrong place, exacerbated by a maze of safety fences and changes in level giving a cramped feel. Our solution was to propose a redesign from scratch putting the pool and garden on one level with the pool at the back which minimised excavation and safety fencing, making the garden feel spacious and reduced building cost. For another client – who proposed something that we knew would be seen by the local council as quite contentious – our solution was to refer them to a trusted planning solicitor for initial advice before any design was undertaken. That to us was the most logical way forward, and we didn’t actually need to be part of the equation.”

“We feel that providing great advice and guidance is a gesture of goodwill for the community. There are no expectations. It’s enough to be able to save them money or help them make good decisions that add value if they’re selling. We’re experienced enough to understand value and return on investment – that’s fundamental to what we do.”

If you would like to know more about Ballast Point’s consultation services, please contact C&H on 9818 3844 or Ballast Point on 9195 6949