Jono, Julie and Steph talk all things Inner West real estate

Jono, Julie and Steph talk all things Inner West real estate

  • November 9, 2023

Jono Hammond, Julie Hatch and Stephanie Zerial are three of our leading Inner West experts and together they form a formidable trio with a wealth of knowledge on the nuances of the local property landscape. Here they give us some valuable insight into what they’ve learned selling real estate, what they’re seeing in the market at the moment and why they’re the best agents for the job.

“When it comes to trends we’re experiencing in the current climate, we’re certainly seeing some hesitancy from buyers, largely fuelled by cost of living pressures and talk of more interest rate rises,” says Julie. “However, I believe that the new year will get off to a good start and people will be more positive after they’ve had a break – it’s been a big year!” Jono adds, “There’s not a lot of depth in the pool buyer at the moment, so as an agent you need a solid understanding of every buyer’s profile.”

He continues, “If you ask me what lessons I’ve learned selling real estate, I definitely believe that transparency is the strongest form of currency in establishing long-term relationship in the community.” “I’m a big fan of KISS (keep it simple stupid)” says Julie. “It’s not rocket science. There is no-one more important than your client – look after them, make them feel good.”

So, with all of the technology available to us now, has buying a property become easier or harder? “We look at it and think that it should have become easier with all the information now at our fingertips, however sometimes people get caught up and try to take in too much advice and end up never making a decision. My advice is that if you walk in and it feels like home, maybe it is,” says Julie.

Common sense advice, sensible communication and reliable performance really come into play when selecting an agent and according to Jono you only have to look at an agent’s last 20 sales to tell you if they gave clients the right advice and they had a good experience. Julie adds, “Real estate is 100% about being able to communicate well, being open and honest and working as a team. It’s imperative to make sure you’re doing the right thing by all the people you deal with, and that’s what you can depend on with us.”

Experience, passion and market knowledge make the team the perfect fit for so many clients. “I have a proven track record of being the number one agent in my neighbourhood for more than 15 years, selling homes within my estimated price range within an average 24 day period,” says Jono. “That counts for a great deal when clients are making the important decision of who to entrust with the sale of their home.” “I genuinely love what I do,” enthuses Julie. “I have excellent experience and knowledge of the Inner West and I make sure that I always do the best job I can. Over the years I have felt like I get paid for having a good time and forging such close friendships with so many people I’ve worked with has made the journey a pleasure.”

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