James Stevenson Property Manager

James Stevenson


James Stevenson

• Charismatic and a great communicator
• Considerate and dependable
• Loves exploring new ideas and challenges
• Hard working with a keen eye for detail

• Approachable, friendly and outgoing
• Confident, self-reliant and proactive
• Well-balanced work and personal priorities
• Enjoys downtime making new friends and meeting new people
• Passionate about design, animals and food
• Loves everything Sydney

WHY James?
With a family background in real estate, James has always had a passion for bringing people into their dream house and making it their home. Working as front of house/reception, he’s committed to providing the warmest welcome to Cobden & Hayson Balmain. Highly personable, James embodies C&H’s family-oriented values of honesty and integrity. Embracing a creative, ever-evolving approach to life and work, he’s extremely enthusiastic about his role and ready for any challenge.

9556 8112

0405 740 659