Gerard Mangan Property Manager

Gerard Mangan

Senior Property Manager

Gerard Mangan

- With over a decade of experience in property management
- Brings leadership and vision as a Senior Property Manager
- Highly skilled in all aspects of property management

- Acute awareness of the local rental market
- Continuously seeking methods to optimize the returns for clients
- Excellent listener with good problem-solving skills
- Ensuring his clients always come first

- Love of family friends and community
- Enjoys the great outdoors, bike riding and cafes
- Relaxing person who loves to read

Gerard is a seasoned property manager, boasting over a decade of experience in this dynamic industry. As a Senior Property Manager at CobdenHayson, he brings invaluable leadership and a visionary approach to the team. His hallmark lies in his open and honest communication style and an engaging personality that fosters genuine connections. Gerard is driven by a deep passion for people, striving to empower them to attain their desired results while cultivating meaningful friendships along the way. His unwavering dedication to property management is fueled by his commitment to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their real estate endeavors. Gerard's expertise and genuine enthusiasm make him an indispensable asset to the CobdenHayson team and a trusted partner for clients seeking success in property management.

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0425 243 917

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$165 per week