Eleni Gouliotis Property Manager

Eleni Gouliotis

Property Manager

Eleni Gouliotis

• Extremely passionate which inspires her strong work ethic
• Widely experienced in the property management industry
• Highly persistent and tackles every challenge without hesitation

• Intimate understanding of property management legislation
• Provides timely, expert advice to help clients make astute decisions
• Focused on client care and creating an enjoyable experience

• Bright, bubbly and always has a smile on her face
• Loves to work out at the gym
• Favourite quote ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar'
• 12 years of previous experience in customer service

WHY Eleni?
Eleni is a hands-on property manager who always has time for her clients. Her warm, down-to-earth demeanour helps to build a strong rapport with owners and tenants alike. She has valuable customer service experience across a range of industries which allows her to provide excellent care and support to her clients.

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0451 973 337