• June 20, 2019


Standing out: getting clever with your marketing 

Any agent who takes a cookie cutter approach to marketing is doing you a great disservice. Your property’s unique, markets shift and buyers’ desires change, so it follows that to get maximum impact from your marketing, it needs to be customised and strategically planned. Our aim is not simply maximum exposure but maximum engagement with the right buyers. This involves everything from presentation of your home to advertising collateral and choosing the perfect combination of marketing tools.



Style it up

Investing in a professional stylist can be the key to making sure your property resonates with buyers, whether it’s a simple de-cluttering, rearranging rooms, bringing in a few important pieces of furniture or dressing an empty house from top to bottom. Styling helps people envision how they might live in your house, how they might utilise the space and how to maximise its appeal. We have relationships with stylists who know our market and our buyers precisely. Our aesthetically-minded agents are also well versed in the finer details of presentation – they’re a great sounding board for ideas and will recommend when a stylist will be worth the investment.



Imagery and copywriting are key elements

Creating an emotional connection with buyers is paramount to a successful sale and understanding how to achieve this through marketing is a finely honed skill. It’s all about style, detail and standing out so that people are encouraged to take a closer look. We use the leading real estate photographers, videographers and copywriters to produce advertising material that tells an emotive story, engages buyers, highlights your home’s most saleable features and elevates your property beyond the competition.



A strategic combination of marketing tools

Designing the perfect marketing mix is vital to making sure your listing resonates with the right buyer demographic – a one-size-fits-all marketing approach is unlikely to uncover that premium buyer. An important part of managing your campaign end to end is determining the most effective combination of digital marketing, social media, database, print and signage. We’ve forged excellent relationships with domain.com.au and realestate.com.au, which provide transparent data such as web hits, so we can quantify the value of these major online portals. We’re always aware of your bottom line when it comes to marketing spend, with cost-efficiency being paramount.



Never discount the importance of data


As agents we make decisions based on experience, intuition and, most importantly, data! Facts and figures don’t lie, which is why our presentations to you and all of our sage advice will always be backed up by quantifiable information and statistics. It cuts through all of the media hype and even the agent hype when you’re presented with the cold hard facts, and any agent worth their salt should be able to support all of their claims. At the touch of a button we can tell you exactly how many people viewed your property online, how many requested more information, what comparable properties are selling for, what’s the local auction clearance rate and so much more … all of the things that impact upon your real estate decisions.


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