• March 14, 2019

Back in 1993, Bill Clinton delivered a speech in which he said:

‘The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.’

The US was in economic downturn and although the new president’s call for reform was controversial (let’s face it, it would have been a whole lot easier to sit tight and just keep the seat warm), it was necessary. Change was crucial if the country was to grow again.

That now-famous quote is particularly relevant to Sydney’s current property market. House prices have fallen dramatically. The percentage of homes sold above the reserve price has fallen from 67% to 32% and the average number of bids at auction has halved. The word ‘boom’ has gone back to describing thunderstorms and heavy bass. Traditional real estate campaigns that use the same old approach to buying and selling just aren’t working.

Basically, the market has changed and so must we.

But before you go putting on a James Blunt album and pouring yourself a large gin, there’s actually a lot to be excited about. With change comes opportunity. Over the Christmas and New Year period we listed 65% more properties than at any time over the last five years. 2019 has already seen an increase in online property enquiries and in the number of people attending our open home inspections. There’s been an influx of quality properties entering the market, and that always gets buyers excited.



With the State and Federal elections around the corner, huge changes are being made to the Residency Tenants Act (they came into play on the 28th February) and the Banking Royal Commission is being finalised. All these factors will have a significant influence on the market.

At Cobden & Hayson, we’re ready to do things differently. The price of not doing so is way too high, both for you and for us.

We acknowledge the wariness on your part. You’re rolling your eyes as you read this! We get it. But we’ve invested heavily in making positive changes to move forward. We’re not just talking the talk. Over the last six months we’ve worked closely with David Flanigan from P2 Consulting to help develop a range of engaging strategies. We’re committed to doing things differently because we acknowledge there’s a new market, new expectations and new demands. This necessitates new thinking. We’re planning on shaping a new path, within the real estate market, based on truth, transparency and trust.

Buying or selling your home is an emotional exercise and the stakes are high. We get it. There’s an ocean of misinformation and half-truths out there. Everyone from journalist to the lady at Bakers Delight has an opinion on the Sydney property market and will happily dish out free advice with a wholemeal loaf. Our job is to bring a clear, objective and sincere voice to the table. We’re here to give market insights based on detailed research. We provide support and advice when you want it whether or not you’re even in the market.

What’s our thinking? Well, we’re putting the emphasis back on the consumer. Our research tells us that you only want to engage with us on your terms and when you’re ready. It’s your call and so we’re switching the focus.

Take our new signboards and A-frames for example. We’re not telling consumers to engage, but we’re inviting them to make the first move. Our role is to be here to offer support, transparency and solutions. The notion of getting people moving is our mantra, our catch cry and our call to action. Move has so many meanings but the most important one is progression. It’s a move forward, to a new home, a new lifestyle or a new neighbourhood.

Our social media reflects this too. It’s creative, playful and Informative and, above all, a completely different perspective for the industry. From our recruitment programs to our resources and from Instagram to inspections, we’ve created a unique customer experience.

Like Mr Clinton said, we understand that ‘we cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs.’ Change is vital if we are to continue to grow. We hope you’ll join us on the newly forged pathway. It’s your move after all.

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