Brooke Elford Real Estate Agent

Brooke Elford

Executive Assistant & Head of Customer Success

Brooke Elford

• More than 13 years of delivering quality customer service
• Passionate about providing an exceptional calibre of service
• Has a keen eye for the finer details
• Extremely organised and timely

• Prides herself on transparent and honest communication
• Supports rewarding client journeys through efficient and methodical practices
• Enjoys imparting expert real estate knowledge in order to better the client experience
• Facilitates meaningful interaction by listening to clients’ individual needs

• Born and raised in the coastal town of Port Macquarie
• Has a Bachelor Degree in Teaching
• Avid netball player
• Excited to be part of a top-performing agency

WHY Brooke?
Providing exemplary service to her valued clients as Executive Assistant & Head of Customer Success, Brooke prides herself on facilitating a seamless customer experience driven by diligence and rigour. Through knowledge and research, she arms her clients with the market insight they need to make astute decisions, forming a collaborative partnership that leads to exceptional results.

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0412 888 768