Ashbury – A New Suburb Record Set

Ashbury – A New Suburb Record Set

  • June 6, 2024

The journey of 36 Melville Street, Ashbury, is quite a tale. This exceptional home, located in a suburb that may not be prominent on the map, offers a laid-back inner-city lifestyle that fosters passion and community spirit. When Ben Southwell brought this property to market, it captured the attention of locals and extended well beyond the tight geographic boundaries, engaging a buying audience across Sydney.

The foot traffic to inspections was remarkable, with 172 people through the door and over 30,000 combined web impressions. This level of interest is a testament to the outstanding presentation of the home and, modestly, to our marketing efforts.

Given the enormous interest generated, our client had several impressive pre-auction offers to consider. For any seller, it’s a tough choice when you have an offer that all the data suggests is a great outcome, but you also need to weigh other interest and decide whether to proceed to auction. This is where our role comes to the fore – reading the market, understanding the dynamics, and providing guidance on the most lucrative path forward for our client.

In this case, we assessed the campaign and monitored feedback to recommend moving towards the auction, which was scheduled for a Thursday evening. Our vendor backed the call, and we proceeded with business, preparing for the auction. It was a risk, but a calculated one that we made with confidence given our conversations with the active buyers and the positive energy surrounding the property.

Auction day arrived, and we had nine registered bidders – a strong number that validated our decision to follow through with the entire sale process. The competitive bidding and vibrant atmosphere culminated in setting a new suburb record, underscoring the effectiveness of our strategy and the appeal of 36 Melville Street.

This sale not only highlights the desirability of Ashbury but also exemplifies our commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. The process, the area, and the execution all came together seamlessly to deliver a result that exceeded expectations.

Ashbury we love you, a small suburb that’s grabbing more attention and the recognition it deserves!

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