Anna Muir Property Manager

Anna Muir

Property Manager

Anna Muir

- Capable, confident and highly proactive
- A strong communicator who listens intently to clients’ needs with great understanding
- A strategic thinker who is solutions focused

- Nurtures meaningful relationships to ensure all parties are satisfied
- Open, straightforward and provides honest feedback
- A quick thinker with a positive attitude and warm nature

- Constantly excited and enthusiastic about the real estate industry
- Loves the local area and enjoys its cafes and taking walks around the bay
- A fan of reading, going to the theatre, netball and pilates

A lifelong Inner West local, Anna has always been enamored with the real estate industry and excited about the opportunities it offers. With her personable nature and excellent communication skills, she’s a Property Officer who’s easy to get along with, reliable and solely concerned with her clients’ best interests.

9818 3844

0405 669 684