Annabelle Seaton-Cooper Property Manager

Annabelle Seaton-Cooper

Property Officer

Annabelle Seaton-Cooper

- Bright and bubbly personality
- Hardworking and dedicated to the role
- Committed to building strong client rapport
- Genuine interest and passion for property

- Fine attention to detail
- Always flexible to fit in with clients
- Straight-forward yet empathetic
- Committed to achieving the best for both clients and the company

- Studies Property Economics at University of Technology Sydney
- Involved in all aspects of property management and leasing

As a committed Property Officer who’s dedicated to her role, Annabelle does everything possible to ensure her valued clients enjoy a rewarding experience. Undertaking her job with great care and consideration, she’s a passionate property professional who takes the time to build strong, trusting relationships, making sure that she intimately understands people’s unique goals and aspirations. Meticulous and highly organised, she pays attention to the finest details, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to maximising returns on clients’ precious investments.