• May 3, 2018

The Balmain Football Club has brought much joy to over 50 Children with their All Abilities Football Program.

The Cobden & Hayson ethos pairs with the clubs enthusiastic community approach and celebrates achievements at all levels. The movement began five years ago with a call for an All Abilities program. Its success gave 12 participants a chance to play at a less competitive level and today is proudly supporting close to 50 children with disabilities.

Vice President John Thomson who joined the club 20 years ago says the joy the program brings to the club and the community is rewarding. “I love it, I think when I do it, I just love the appreciation the kids give back”. “The children are categorised by age into groups from junior, intermediate and senior levels, each with supportive coaches and qualified volunteers.” John Says.

Children from the age of 6 to 16 play weekly at Birchgrove Oval to participate in a fun and supportive team environment where they can play at a less competitive level. The club is the largest community football club in Australia. Its continued devotion and celebration of achievements is shown through the happiness and infectious smiles of their members. The club is continuously growing and always looking for members and volunteers to help be a buddy.

All Abilities Football enables special needs children from 6 to 18 to participate in a fun, safe and less competitive football environment. Fully supported by trained volunteer coaches, All Abilities Football is an opportunity for children to take part in sport and experience the fun of playing in a team.

Winter SeasonApril to August
LocationBirchgrove Oval
TimeSaturday 9.00 -10.00am
  • All players should wear the club’s full kit (shirt, shorts, and socks).
  • Players bring their own football boots and shin pads.
CoachingAll Abilities Footballers are provided with a high level of supportive coaching and our volunteers receive specific training and support to provide a great experience for our All Abilities players.
Playing FormatEach session for All Abilities will have children participate in skills development and non-competitive games.

Contact to join today.

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