• July 24, 2019



We’ve always believed that our people are our greatest asset. It’s a pretty simple equation: a happy team equals a productive team. Nurturing their unique skills and talents is key to delivering great service as well as maximising our business performance and growth. We work really closely with our people to ascertain how they’re going to achieve professional fulfilment and determine in which direction they’d like to steer their careers.



We take a long-term approach to both business and our team and are committed to developing our Employee Wellness Program. Through advanced training and development, both in-house and in partnership with leading trainers and mentors, our objective is to upskill our employees and breed the new leaders of our organisation. We’ll also focus on the wellbeing of our people and ensure we retain our top talent by keeping them motivated, productive and engaged.



We’ve recently established what we believe is a vital new role that we’ve called People & Culture Specialist, which has been taken on by Elizabeth Wadland. Elizabeth was previously working as a sales agent with us however given her 15-year HR background she was keen to refocus her skills.


Elizabeth Wadland Real Estate Agent


As part of her role Elizabeth has helped establish our Employee Wellness Program which has involved company-wide training sessions with a number of impressive thought leaders who bring some pretty revolutionary ideas to the real estate landscape.



She has also made a big impact with the establishment of the Purchased Additional Leave Policy. In an industry first initiative, we have collaborated with the Real Estate Employers Federation (REEF) to draft and implement a policy that enables employees to use part of their annual salary to purchase an additional four weeks of leave each year, on top of their regular annual leave entitlements. This means they can now take up to a total of eight weeks a year so they can take that extended holiday, spend more time with family and regroup after some substantial time away from what can sometimes be a stressful and all-encompassing job.



Elizabeth is determined to drive recruitment with a new way of thinking. “I’ll be focusing on the experience that’s enjoyed by both the client and the team. I’ll also be involved in implementing new processes around training, education and wellbeing as well as actively looking outside the box for growth opportunities for the business. My values and vision are very much aligned with that of C&H in that we’re determined to lead our profession through learning, improving and evolving,” says Elizabeth. “I’m happy to be part of an organisation devoted to their staff and craft.”

If moving forward in your career sounds interesting then have a conversation with Elizabeth today. Your next move could be the best one yet…

ELIZABETH WADLAND, PEOPLE & CULTURE SPECIALIST, 0402 212 252 or elizabeth@ch.com.au

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